linebreak2Best Wedding Photography 2017
2017 was lush. This is a selection of highlights. It was actually a pretty therapeutic process to go back and revisit super ace times. 2018 looks set to be king size lush, with visits to all corners of the UK plus trips to France, Cyprus, Italy and Morocco.
Aside from these frames, other highlights included speaking at Constellation Workshop, being named as one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of 2017, but nothing came close to welcoming another new life (Moss) into world at the end of the year.
A mega massive thanks to all of the couples who invited me along, welcomed me into their homes and danced with me until the lights came on. 2018 – we go again.

linebreak2 Rangefinder Rising Stars 2017 Rangefinder Rising Stars 2017

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  • Tarik

    on February 2, 2018  9:06 am

    Lovely Stuff Nigel. Some gorgeous frames there and really artistic use of light.

  • Emily Hambly

    on February 2, 2018  8:48 pm

    Wow Nigel, these are just amazing, Lush X 1000 I would say, what a stunning year for you, xx